Full Circle All Natural Lump Charcoal Review


I picked up an 8lb bag of Full Circle brand natural lump charcoal from a local Lowes Foods here in NC.  First impression, $5 bucks, quick light, no snapping, and a great aroma.  I decided to do up a single rack of spares to test the lump.  Ok… the kids and I were craving pig and I had an excuse to test the lump that has been calling to my inner pyro. 



 9X Rib Rub


 1/2c cane sugar

1/4c smoked paprika

1T fresh cracked black pepper

1t ancho powder

1t toasted onion powder

1t granulated garlic powder

½ t cayenne pepper

½ t freshly ground brown mustard

½ t dried thyme




I salted the spares, no need for salt in the rub.  Once the salt bloomed the moisture to the surface (about 20 minutes) I added the rub liberally to the meat.   



Temperature control was good right off the bat.  I added an unlit chimney of the lump to the ring and then topped the ring off with a fully lit ring of the lump. 





42* outside to start the cook… Here are the lid temps…


3:15 pm 275*…  bottom vents closed

3:45 pm 255*…  bottom vents closed

5:15 pm 220*…  bottom vents to 50%

6:15 pm 251*…  bottom vents at 50% outside temp dropped to 36*

7:15 pm 260*…  done


I believe that Full Circle is a private label brand of Lowes Food.  In any case, my first experience with this the Full Circle all natural lump was exceedingly positive… no question it will be my fuel of choice for my next cook.  It will be interesting to see how it fares in an overnight smoke.


Back to the ribs… they came out great. 




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